A list …

Saw this on my friends Leslie and Fran’s blogs … thought that it could be fun.   You copy and paste the list on your blog, and then bold the things that you have done. I made the items red and then commented on some of them. 1. Started your own blog – you are … Continue reading

Makeover Monday …

So, Kelly and I have been beginning to think about the nursery for Baby Barb (we find out Monday if it’s little boy Barb or little girl Barb), and once we find out the baby’s gender, I’m sure nursery prep will kick into overdrive.  The room we are going to use as the nursery is … Continue reading

Coke or Soda or Pop?

What do you say? Coke? Soda? Pop? Where are you from? Curious to see what happens here! Go!

Thanksgiving to Christmas … the challenge

So,  I was able to go home for several days over Thanksgiving week.  I got to see friends in Jeff City, spend time with my parents, see my extended family, and spend time at my brother’s as well!  It was great!  HOWEVER … if you read this thing, you will remember that I started doing … Continue reading

All things new …

So this seems to be a recurring theme in my posts lately … things being new, new job, new places, experiences, etc.  Here are some more: 1) I’ve had the opportunity during the time I’ve been here to visit a few different churches, and haven’t rushed into getting involved for a couple different reasons.  Number … Continue reading

Really, are people that interested??

I get no fewer that 10 new visits per day to my blog from people who have been sent to it after searching for Ho-Ho’s and Swiss Cake Rolls … all because of this post. I need to know … are people REALLY that concerned about the differences between Swiss Cake Rolls and Ho Ho’s … Continue reading

5 lbs. of sweat…

So, I’ve been continuing my training for the marathon this summer among our busy schedule of Super Summer’s and office work days. This morning AJ (one of the interns who I convinced to run with me this summer) and I ran a 6 mile run. It was the first 6 mile run I have done … Continue reading


This is my 100th post … woo hoo!!

Super Summer …

Well, thought it was about time to bring a brief update for the summer since I’ve been away from internet most of the last week, and have a few days off now, I thought I should bring you up to date and give you some visuals from Super Summer. The last two weeks one of … Continue reading

Ho Ho’s or Swiss Cake Rolls

Today, we put to rest the age old question of which was better . . . Ho Ho’s or Swiss Cake Rolls … It had been a debated topic in the house the first few weeks. So, today on our trip to Wal-Mart we bought a box of each and had a blind taste test … Continue reading