Mali West Africa – Day 5

What we are doing today: Wednesday December 31st 2008 Conference day Kagoro Church Breakfast, prayer/worship and assignments Work among the Kogoro New Years eve celebration and team communion Prayer points: Pray for day one of our discipleship conference with the first Kagoro believers. Pray that we can build-up, encourage and strengthen the new church planted … Continue reading

Mali West Africa – Day 4

What we are doing today: Tuesday December 30th 2008 Leave for Bush House Breakfast, team prayer/worship and ministry assignments Greet Chief and Pastor Andre (national pastor of first Kagoro Church) Dinner and team worship and time with prayer partners Prayer points: Pray for safe and un-eventful travel in the “bush-bus” as we drive to the … Continue reading

Mali West Africa – Day 3

What we are doing today: ***Update*** We are actually (supposed to be) leaving today since our flight out on Saturday was canceled.  So, the schedule from this point on is going to be “fluid” (we’ve passed the flexible stage!) We should be doing the same sort of things, but the timing of them is questionable … Continue reading

Mali West Africa – Day 2

What we are doing today: Sunday December 28th 2008 Arrive in  Bamako, Mali West Africa Flight arrives about 9:20 pm Bamako time Dinner and prayer time Unload vehicles and organize luggage Spend night in IMB guest housing Prayer points: Pray for recuperative rest from the flights, and energy as we begin to prepare to lead … Continue reading

Mali West Africa – Day 1 UPDATE!!!

Well, here it is 7:20 pm on Saturday night and we’re still in Springfield, as a matter of fact, we’ll still be in Springfield until Monday.  For some reason that is still unclear to me our flight from Springfield to Detroit was cancelled, and due to overbooked flights tomorrow, the earliest flight out of Springfield … Continue reading

Mali West Africa – Day 1

Hello!  This is day one of the trip, we fly out this evening, and are looking forward to an amazing time ahead of us.  I’ve pre-posted  here on the blog for each day that I will be gone . . . SO, you will have an opportunity to follow along daily with what our itinerary … Continue reading

Christmas pt.2

Christmas part deux … My brother and his family came over this morning for our family Christmas … Started out with cinnamon rolls, thanks Harold, and ended with a frenzy of gift wrap flying and presents emerging. It was a great morning . . . I got a few final things I needed to pack … Continue reading

Christmas pt. 1

Slept in at my parents today!!  woo-woo!  We aren’t doing Christmas as a family (parents and brother’s family) until tomorrow, SO no need to get up early here.  My parents and I did have a good breakfast together this morning, and then started making final preparations for our extended family to all be here for … Continue reading

I’m trying … random Christmas thoughts

It seems like every day as I’m going to bed I think about my poor little ol’ blog and the lack of attention I’ve given it recently, I’ve been trying, but have been busy, and this is one of the things that has been put on the back burner. I didn’t realize, however, how long … Continue reading

Dear Eric…

Dear Eric, I’ve missed you . . . seems like back when we started this thing a few months ago, you couldn’t stop spending time with me . . . you were always excited to spend time with me, and everything was . . . well, exciting. But now, it seems like you’ve grown distant, … Continue reading