Ho Ho’s or Swiss Cake Rolls


Today, we put to rest the age old question of which was better . . . Ho Ho’s or Swiss Cake Rolls … It had been a debated topic in the house the first few weeks. So, today on our trip to Wal-Mart we bought a box of each and had a blind taste test between 5 of us.
The results:
Only 2 of us could correctly identify which was which based on touch and taste, and the taste preference was that 4 out of 5 named Swiss Cake Rolls as the best tasting based on the blind taste test. So the debate can finally be put to rest that Swiss Cake Rolls are definitely better!

Okay, so we aren’t just spending our time on blind taste tests and the like … we actually had a great week at Bolivar for Super Summer week 1, and will leave in the morning for Super Summer week 2 in Hannibal. Our team of interns are being small group leaders in several of the different teams as well as helping out with other random responsibilities like helping sell items at the merchandise table in the evenings, etc. Tomorrow will be a busy day as we get things set up in Hannibal and prepare for the students to show up on Monday afternoon.

2 questions:
1) What are you doing with your summer?
2) Which do you think is better, Ho Ho’s or Swiss Cake Rolls

9 Responses to “Ho Ho’s or Swiss Cake Rolls”
  1. Jill says:

    DEFINITELY Swiss Cake Rolls!!!!
    We are leaving to go to Costa Rica next Wednesday, June 24. Can hardly wait!!! Scuba diving, surf, sun, and relaxation. Will have lots of pics to share!
    Glad to hear it’s going well.
    Talk soon!

  2. Leslie says:

    1. DisneyWorld!!!!!

    2. Definitely Swiss Cake Rolls- everybody knows that.. HA!

  3. Fran says:

    Hummmmmm……Sounds as if Gary and I need to do some taste testing. This is a question I have never thought of before. More of a Little Debbie Oatmeal Pie person myself!!!!

    We just got back from Spain, the summer is rushing by!!!

  4. Brandon says:

    Ho Ho’s are better! Here are the reasons:
    1. Ho Ho’s have darker, richer chocolate
    2. Ho Ho’s have thicker, richer creme filling (it’s like the difference between buttercream and whipped icing)
    3. Ho Ho’s are absolutely amazing when frozen or chilled.

    Swiss rolls just can’t compete. They have a cheap waxy chocolate that leaves a residue in your mouth. the cake is also very dry (which they try to disguise with the cheap whipped filling.

    • ericbarb says:

      Thanks for the reply Brandon … I think had I not grown up on Swiss Cake Rolls, I could enjoy Ho Ho’s, however, my loyalty still lies with Little Debbie on this one! 🙂

  5. bob says:

    Which is better… Hmm… Swiss Cake Rolls… I hate to say it, but even as a Hostess Cake salesman I have to give this one to little debbie… The people baking the hostess products have forgotten a crucial ingredient for making their cakes – QUALITY… No one is gonna spend hard earned cash on a snack cake that tastes only slightly better than the box it’s packaged in.. The only good HoHo is the single serve 3packs.. And these are still only slightly better than the multipacks…

    But this isn’t the worst of it… Not only have the HoHos fallen short on taste and quality, but the other hostess brand cakes could do with a serious overhaul… Most are merely too dry, but a few have problems with their icing being “gritty” almost like the sugar in it wasn’t fully melted/disolved…

    Maybe this is just the cakes that my district gets, but as ours come from the city of Emporia, it wouldn’t be surprising to find this problem in other regions…

    Hostess claims to be the #1 snack cake in the world… But if they don’t focus more on the quality of product they’re producing, they may well lose and never regain that title…

    • ericbarb says:

      Bob, thanks for that reply. Great information coming from someone in the industry! :)https://exchangedlife.wordpress.com/wp-admin/edit-comments.php#comments-form

  6. Felicia says:

    Ok, so I know this is many years later than the OP, but today for the first time in my 30 years I had ho hos. All my life we ate Little Debbie brand snacks, but I must say Ho Hos beat Swiss Cake Rolls hands down. They don’t have that gritty cheap overly sweet want-to be chocolate taste and mouth feel. The cake was moist and decadent and the fillign was not too rich and not too light.

    Though I’ll probably never buy either again in my life because of how UNHEALTHY they are, it’s Ho Hos all the way!

  7. Ryan says:

    Crazy people…Ho Hos rule..Swiss rolls suck

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