my summer…

It’s been almost a month since I’ve updated, so I thought it was about time, and I thought I’d start by letting you know a little about what I’m up to for the summer. I’ve taken a summer position with the Missouri Baptist Convention and the Student Ministry team. This summer I’ll be working closely … Continue reading


It’s mothers day, and I thought a lot about what to get my mom … few things could ever be purchased that could really live up to the way that I feel about my mom, or provide the right amount of sentiment to get across the message of “I love you.” Although I do have … Continue reading

thoughts, discipleship, Jesus…

I’ve been reading in the Gospel of John during my quiet times this week. I love going back through the gospels and picking up on things that I’ve seemingly looked over previously. The other day as I was reading I caught this little bit of info: John 1:35-42 First off … John the Baptist was … Continue reading

Weekend… Live Love

Had a great weekend with my NLQ family. We led a retreat for the First Baptist Church of Sedalia youth group at a retreat center on the Lake of the Ozarks. It was a fun group of students, and we had a good time talking with them about Love and challenging them to “Live Love.” … Continue reading

weekends …

I’m heading out for weekend 6 (out of the last 7) for traveling to lead worship or give an Africa presentation. I’m blessed to be able to have the opportunities to do what I love to do with music and students. However, I am looking forward to next weekend … where I have nothing scheduled! … Continue reading