Wednesday is for … my wife.

Let me introduce you to a wonderful woman.  My wife, Kelly! ( you can check out her blog here: It’s amazing to me to stop and think back about the faithfulness of the Lord to see how He intricately wove our lives together.  Such a patchwork of experiences and grace and mercy … and … Continue reading

Monday is for … Missions … and MLK Jr.

MLK Jr. Today is the last day of Winter Break for us here at SEMO.  Students are back in town, traffic is picking back up, and classes resume in the morning.  The “break” has been a great time of refreshing for me and I’m excited for all that the upcoming semester has for us.  Thankful … Continue reading

Tuesday is for … teeth removal …

… or at least for me anyway.  Today I get my wisdom teeth taken out. Well, the last 3 of them anyway. The year I graduated from college in Springfield all but one had grown in just fine.  It was growing toward the front of my mouth and not up … so it would have … Continue reading

Wednesday is for … worship …

… Not that we only worship on Wednesday, it should be our lifestyle, BUT today I’m specifically thinking about worship music.  For about 7 1/2 years I was blessed to travel with some pretty incredible people as part of a ministry called “No Longer Quiet”.  We traveled and led worship at various events, camps and … Continue reading

Monday is for … music.

One of the pastors I used to serve with “categorized” his blog posts based on the day/theme … often it was “Monday is for … missions” or “Friday is for … friends”.  I think this may give me a better springboard for some of my posts.  Not that it will be the same every week, … Continue reading

New year, new blog.

Well, I’m tossing around the idea of getting back into this blogging thing on a more consistent basis.  Along with that, I am playing around with some new templates too, so no promises about the “look” of things around here. 2011 was a great year.  My first full calendar year shared with my wife, Kelly.  … Continue reading