Super Summer …

Well, thought it was about time to bring a brief update for the summer since I’ve been away from internet most of the last week, and have a few days off now, I thought I should bring you up to date and give you some visuals from Super Summer.

The last two weeks one of my main responsibilities was as a small group leader for the students attending Super Summer that just graduated high school and are moving into college, work, service, etc. We were the SILVER team … each age group is assigned a color to identify themselves as… we got silver, I wondered if they just thought that was the most appropriate color to signify those that were getting older … okay it was a lame joke, but I laughed when I thought about it.

I had great small groups for both weeks of Super Summer, there are always brief moments when it is hard leading a small group and it always takes a little while to “get comfortable” with each other, but both of my groups ended up being really great, and I think that God is really at work in some of those young men’s lives. It is exciting to see. Our “curriculum/teaching” was based on the ideas of movements, and joining the movement. I really just wanted to walk through the week with my groups and help them process what God was doing in their lives and encourage them along the way. It was also a goal to help them to see that God wants them to “join the movement” right where they are. They are in the positions in life that they currently find themselves for a reason, and God wants to use them right there! So, I’m really praying for them, and for God to continue to work in their lives to break strongholds, and to show them which steps to take for Him.

It’s really been a privilege to work with some of the sharpest young people in the state of Missouri the last few weeks as fellow small group leaders. There were probably close to 30 small group leaders each week, and these young men and women continually poured their lives into the lives of youth, counseled them, prayed with/for them, and had such great servant’s hearts. I was encouraged to see a generation of college students surrendering their lives for a week, two weeks, or the whole summer to serve the Lord in that capacity. Great job guys! Lives were changed for eternity, and God chose to use you in that!

This weekend, we have the weekend off, and I was home in Springfield to relax, participate in a team long run with my training team for the marathon, and to celebrate Sarah’s birthday. Happy Birthday 🙂 Tomorrow, one of the interns that I’m working with for the summer is leading worship for a church in the area with his band, so I’m going to go show my support, and then head up to Green Ridge to visit my dad for a few hours on Father’s Day before heading back to Jefferson City tomorrow evening for our church worship service.

A brief update, hopefully I’ll get to do that a little more often the next few weeks. In the meantime, here are a few pictures from Super Summer:


Mufa Puffa (Obstacle Course during Rec. one day … they did it all carrying a can of soda and then had to chug it at the end):










Silver team:


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