Thanksgiving to Christmas … the challenge

So,  I was able to go home for several days over Thanksgiving week.  I got to see friends in Jeff City, spend time with my parents, see my extended family, and spend time at my brother’s as well!  It was great!  HOWEVER … if you read this thing, you will remember that I started doing P90X 3 weeks ago … and its actually been going well.  I’ve been committed to the exercises and actually lost about 9 pounds before going home for Thanksgiving … then … well, I didn’t do so great at home!  I mean it is just a little more difficult when there are little snacks ready for the taking, and copious amounts of desserts at Thanksgiving dinner … and usually this is the time of year when those pesky little extra pounds start to make a comeback … BUT when I got back this morning, I read Ragamuffinsoul, a blog I follow discussing the same frustration and a challenge was presented.  I’m taking him up on it.  Here’s what he says:

“You heard about that worship leader getting drunk that night and rolled your eyes…
That pastor who has been flirting with his secretary makes you nauseous…
You can’t believe they let their kids get away with that…

All the while, from Thanksgiving to New Years, you live the most hypocritical life imaginable.
You stuff your face with food till you can’t walk, multiple times, and gain some lbs. in the process.
You let your serving God replace your knowing God.
You ignore your family because you are too busy volunteering and helping someone else.

I see no difference between the first list and the second list.
So let’s stop using the holidays as an excuse to stop being healthy.
Let’s kick off this season with 30 days of physical, spiritual, and emotional health.”


So, my 3 benchmarks are:

Physical – lose 10 pounds by Christmas and develop healthier eating habits …

Spiritual- memorize 5 new verses before Christmas

Relational- be intentional about re-connecting with some old friends


So, here goes nothing … I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

Tomorrow is December!  Can’t believe it!  Hope you are all well!  Maybe not physical, spiritual or relational … but what are your goals leading up to Christmas?



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