mentors of faith

I’m meeting a lot of people this summer who are quickly becoming mentors in the faith. Our team is getting the incredible opportunity to sit with and visit with some really great guys who are working in ministry in different areas of the Missouri Baptist Convention. So far I’ve had the opportunity to work closely … Continue reading

5 lbs. of sweat…

So, I’ve been continuing my training for the marathon this summer among our busy schedule of Super Summer’s and office work days. This morning AJ (one of the interns who I convinced to run with me this summer) and I ran a 6 mile run. It was the first 6 mile run I have done … Continue reading

Super Summer …

Well, thought it was about time to bring a brief update for the summer since I’ve been away from internet most of the last week, and have a few days off now, I thought I should bring you up to date and give you some visuals from Super Summer. The last two weeks one of … Continue reading

Ho Ho’s or Swiss Cake Rolls

Today, we put to rest the age old question of which was better . . . Ho Ho’s or Swiss Cake Rolls … It had been a debated topic in the house the first few weeks. So, today on our trip to Wal-Mart we bought a box of each and had a blind taste test … Continue reading