All things new …

So this seems to be a recurring theme in my posts lately … things being new, new job, new places, experiences, etc.  Here are some more:

1) I’ve had the opportunity during the time I’ve been here to visit a few different churches, and haven’t rushed into getting involved for a couple different reasons.  Number one, wanting to make sure that whenever I do get involved that it is the right place, and number two, I haven’t been able to be around very consistently so far these first few months.  Next week I’ll be meeting with the pastor of a church that I’ve been to a couple of times (it is actually the church that I went to when I was in Cape Girardeau in 2005) to talk about the possibility of getting involved in a small group within the church and some potential ministry opportunities that I can be a part of to start volunteering in the church.  I’m excited about that!

2) Also, as of today it has been exactly one month since running the Chicago Marathon (man where does time go!) That being said … I lost between 15-20 pounds during my training for the marathon, without even changing my diet … just from the level of activity.  Well, due to nearly a month of relative inactivity since the marathon (and a cruise and birthday celebrations in there) … I’ve gained most of that back!  So, I’ve started a workout this week … I figure if I actually put it on here, that I might have some mental motivation/accountability to keep it up 🙂 … have you seen the P90X infomercials?  Yep, that’s what I’m doing.  I bought it a couple years ago, started it, then hurt my ankle and couldn’t do it for a while, gave it to my brother for a while, and now I’ve started again … so here’s hoping that in 90 days I’ll be “ripped”  HA!  It really a pretty intense program, so we’ll see!  Maybe I’ll even be brave and post my before and after pictures if the results are noticeable! … maybe.

3) Again with the “new” theme …

2 Corinthians 5 :17 “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come”

I’m recognizing this more in my life, and realizing that as I submit more to what the Lord desires for my life that my thoughts, desires, priorities are shifting … I have definitely noticed how God has specifically healed my heart of some past hurts, and changed my outlook on those things.  It’s just been very encouraging to finally see how God has worked in those situations and to live in the “newness” of those realizations … if that makes sense.  It does to me!

Taking a group of International Students to the City Museum in Saint Louis this weekend … should be fun.  Maybe some pictures to come!

Anyhow … things are good, and I hope the same is true for you!



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