Lambert’s, lightsabers, and ice cream cake!

Yesterday was my nephew’s 8th birthday.  First off, I cannot believe the little guy is 8 years old.  Seems like not long ago, I was staying in Springfield because they were in labor … with video camera in hand waiting for the family’s first glimpse of him, while the rest of my college ministry left … Continue reading

What are you reading?

So, I’ve finished a couple books lately, and am gearing up to start another.  Made me curious to see what you all are reading.  Mine have all been “churchy” books, but yours don’t have to be, just wanted to see what/who was being read out there. My recent books: Grace Walk by Steve McVey A … Continue reading

birthday celebrations …

So this weekend was Kris’ (my roommate and fellow church staff member) birthday.  We had dinner out with friends and then had everyone over to our place for cake and games and such.  It was a good time.  Happy Birthday Kris. So along with the birthday celebration came the realization that I have a big … Continue reading

The results are in …

Okay, so at least I got ONE reply for your 5 songs (thanks Fran!)  So, now I need to be a man of my word and list mine.  It was a totally hard decision, and I’m sure there are other songs that I’ve forgotten, or would have preferred, but here is the eclectic list … … Continue reading

5 songs …

I love music.  I always have. Some of my earliest memories are of waking up in my house and hearing the radio tuned to KDRO 1490 AM and my mom singing along as she was getting ready for the day. In the age of technology, we have any song we could ever imagine at our … Continue reading

Picture this …

So today, I had the rest of my immunizations in preparation for our trip to Africa in December.  We had quite a list of immunizations that were either required or suggested, and this morning, I had 6 more to get.  I could have spread them out a little more over the next month or so, … Continue reading

Cool T-shirts, great cause.

Amber and Vernon are some friends of mine that I’ve been blessed to serve alongside a few times throughout the years.  They have a ministry called His Voice for Sudan which is a ministry to the orphans and widows in the war ravaged country of Sudan.  They have built and are sustaining orphanages in Sudan, … Continue reading

Mission to Mali

This winter, I have the incredible opportunity to travel to Mali, West Africa and be part of an outreach to a tribe of people called the Fulanke (foo-lawn-kay).  We’ve partnered with Stonebridge Church, also from Nixa, to travel to Africa December 29 – January 11 to take the message of Christ to a group of … Continue reading


We talked about communion today in church, and are going to have a Communion Service here on Saturday (27th @ 6pm). What does the act of communion mean to you?  Is it something that you’ve just always done, and so you don’t really think about it anymore? It is a serious reminder of what Christ … Continue reading

Exchanged life

Isaiah 40:31 31 but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Biblical scholars say that the literal translation for the word “renew” here is exchange. So, those that wait on the … Continue reading