Mali West Africa – Day 1

Hello!  This is day one of the trip, we fly out this evening, and are looking forward to an amazing time ahead of us.  I’ve pre-posted  here on the blog for each day that I will be gone . . . SO, you will have an opportunity to follow along daily with what our itinerary is.  Of course, we will be open to where God leads us, even if that means changing our schedule, but I’ve posted what we have down as our tentative daily schedules.  Please check back to see what we are up to, and to find daily prayer requests, prayer points for our team, and a team members name for you to pray for each day.

What we are doing today:

Saturday December 27th 2008
Depart Springfield
1 hour layover in Detroit, and a 5 hour layover in Paris.
Spend one night on the flight over the Atlantic
24 hours travel time from Springfield to Bamako

Prayer points:

We have a very short layover between our first flight, and our international flight.  Please pray for good weather conditions, and no flight delays!

Pray for safety & rest during travel for the team and their health each day.  Psalms 4:8 & Psalms 121:7-8

Today, pray for team member Randy (leader).


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