Christmas pt. 1

Slept in at my parents today!!  woo-woo!  We aren’t doing Christmas as a family (parents and brother’s family) until tomorrow, SO no need to get up early here.  My parents and I did have a good breakfast together this morning, and then started making final preparations for our extended family to all be here for the day.  My moms family all came here for Christmas, it was the first time in several years that EVERYBODY was able to be together.  We had about 25 people in our little house for several hours today, it was a great time.  It was fun watching the kiddos open their presents, and then our family wrapped a “gift” for each of the gifts that we bought through Samaritan’s Purse, and spent a moment praying for those gifts and the people who would receive them.  I am so grateful for a strong Christian family!

So, tomorrow morning ( I think the time is dependent upon how late my brother and sister-in-law can keep my nephew asleep!) our family will have our Christmas together … we’ll start with a breakfast of homemade cinnamon rolls that a family friend dropped by this evening, then gifts.

I’ll try to post some more tomorrow, but until then, I’ll leave you with some pictures of the day.

One Response to “Christmas pt. 1”
  1. fran says:

    Hey – Like the new Africa hairdo!!! Glad you are having this bit of “down” time. I am praying hard for your trip. Be safe – we cannot wait to hear of all the things God is going to do through you guys.

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