Christmas pt.2

Christmas part deux … My brother and his family came over this morning for our family Christmas … Started out with cinnamon rolls, thanks Harold, and ended with a frenzy of gift wrap flying and presents emerging.

It was a great morning . . . I got a few final things I needed to pack for the trip (sunscreen, bug spray, hand sanitizer, undies ūüôā ), a bottle of my favorite cologne, a head lamp, and several gift cards for some of my favorite places!

My dog got a new ball for Christmas, but I think she’s getting old, she didn’t want to play for more than a few minutes!!

So now, the hustle and bustle of the holiday as come to a screeching halt and it is time to transition into final preparations for leaving tomorrow.¬† I’ve got one last load of laundry to do when I get back home today, and then will double check all my luggage to make sure I’ve got everything that I need taken care of.

I’ve been asked several times in the last week or so if I was “ready for the trip” or if I was “excited for the trip” and my answer has always been, yes.¬† I’m not really sure if I can be prepared for this trip.¬† I’ve read and studied all of our material, learned about the culture, taken all the necessary steps to be ready to go, but not sure if I can really be prepared for what God has in store for the next 2 weeks.¬† My best preparation is coming before the Father and just completely surrendering my thoughts, fears, expectations to Him and asking Him to use me however He sees best … my response is just to be obedient to what He says.

I have no doubt that God is going to do amazing things on this trip.¬† I’ve just thought and expected that He would be doing the “great work” among the people that we are going to minsiter to, and I trust He will do great things within the Kogoro and Fulanke tribes.¬† However in the last week I’ve had 2 seperate people, who don’t know each other in the slightest tell me that God was going to do something big in my life while I was on this trip.¬† I almost dismissed the first¬† comment as something they were just saying in general about the trip, but then when another person said almost the exact same thing, I took notice.¬† Honestly, that is what “scares” me the most about going, because I’m comfortable¬† where I am . . . I mean spiritually I know I’ve still got leaps and bounds to grow, but I’m really okay where I am and I’m not sure I want to go through anything “big” from the Lord.¬† That sounds terrible I know, but does it make sense?¬† Regardless, I know that God is sovereign and whatever He wants or does to or through me I want that.¬† In my heart I just want what He wants, so I submit to that and surrender to all He has for me during this experience.¬† I love you all, and look forward to sharing with you all of the amazing things God does in Mali.

Merry day-after Christmas! Here are a few more pics from today:


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