I feel exhausted…

I’m tired this morning. This week I’ve had the privilege of leading worship for a revival at a church in Poplar Bluff.  I love leading worship, and music has always been one of my creative outlets. Initially when I was asked to participate in the revival I was all in , and excited.  The closer … Continue reading

Wednesday is for … worship …

… Not that we only worship on Wednesday, it should be our lifestyle, BUT today I’m specifically thinking about worship music.  For about 7 1/2 years I was blessed to travel with some pretty incredible people as part of a ministry called “No Longer Quiet”.  We traveled and led worship at various events, camps and … Continue reading

Africa Journal: Day 5 – December 31, 2008

From my journal: “Well, we made it to Sebekoro today! After about 2 hours on the road and another 2 1/2 hours on the “road” (term used loosely this time…) we finally pulled into the village and were welcomed by a swarm of children.  As soon as they saw us in the van, they began … Continue reading


I’ve been listening to a lot of hymns lately. As a worship leader, I’m always keeping an ear out for good, worshipful music/lyrics.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of a lot of the current worship songs, but they seldom match the eloquence of the hymns from my childhood and beyond. I … Continue reading

NLQ and some random thoughts…

NLQ I get to spend this weekend (Friday and Saturday) with some of my favorite people in the world.  No Longer Quiet.  For nearly 6 years I traveled as part of this ministry that sought to build relationships with students.  We would travel to lead worship at retreat weekends, camps, conferences, rallies, etc. all the … Continue reading