A letter to my son…

Son, Hi. I’m Eric. You’ll call me dad. It won’t be long now before you enter the world … and change my life forever. I couldn’t be more excited for your arrival!! Seriously, I sometimes am still floored that you are there … growing big and strong in your momma’s belly. I’m excited, but I … Continue reading

Thanksgiving, and 4 days left of facial hair

It’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving.  I was able to come home today (Wednesday) to spend some time with my parents.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to come home and just hang with my mom and dad.  They just recently did a complete kitchen remodel, and this is the first time I’ve … Continue reading

musings of a 29 year old …

I’m sitting here on the eve of the celebration of my 30th birthday, and several things are going through my mind.  I’ve lived a very blessed life that has included everything that has shaped me to be the person I am today. I wouldn’t be able to skim the surface if I tried to blog … Continue reading

Lambert’s, lightsabers, and ice cream cake!

Yesterday was my nephew’s 8th birthday.  First off, I cannot believe the little guy is 8 years old.  Seems like not long ago, I was staying in Springfield because they were in labor … with video camera in hand waiting for the family’s first glimpse of him, while the rest of my college ministry left … Continue reading