Getting ready for Baby: A high chair and a dresser

So, here we are.  It is August.  Cooper is due this month.  We’ve been really busy this summer with camps, baby showers, conferences, reunions with friends and family, and trying to get things ready around our home for the arrival of our little guy.

So Kelly and I make a great pair in a lot of ways.  One of those things includes projects around the house.  Kelly will see things that she likes, and I get to have a creative outlet and implement those ideas.  So we had a few of those come up as we were preparing the nursery.

One of those projects was to find and re-finish an old wooden high chair.  Kelly had found inspiration for this project on a blog she follows:

(photo credit to: young house love)

So after searching a couple of the local antique stores we came across this chair, and the lady that was selling it was actually there and gave us a pretty good deal. So we bought this beauty because we liked the way it looked and the fact that it had a tray.

I removed the hardware and the straps and gave it a good wipe down before moving on to priming.  I didn’t sand.  Some of the tutorials I read suggested sanding, but others said it wasn’t necessary, so I opted to try without.  I used a Rust-Oleum spray paint primer doing probably 4 light coats letting them dry adequately between each coat.  Then I covered it with several coats of Krylon Cherry Red Glossy spray paint and then let it sit in the garage a couple weeks to cure before moving it into the basement for several more weeks to finish.

So here’s our finished little high chair … though it will be several months before the little guy will be able to use it, we think it turned out well!

And then as we got onto other projects for the nursery, it came time to find a dresser.  Here is an inspiration dresser:

(photo credit: icreate with love blog)

We had seen one at one of our favorite antique stores in Cape that had been re-finished and was about the right scale for our room.  (Because we are going to use the dresser for the changing table as well, we needed a long and low dresser.) However by the time we decided we liked it enough to buy it, it had been sold! 😦  So we kept our eye open for others, and ultimately decided on this one.  It is a really solid dresser with cedar drawers, and it happened to be at the same booth that we got the high chair from and we ended up getting the dresser for $150.

I’m sure somewhere in the universe there is someone that would roll over in their grave if they saw that we were painting this dresser, but it was the right size, the right price and about $900-$1000 cheaper than any of the new options for this sort of custom look.

So here are my supplies. Hammer, paint brush, roller, zinsser primer, paint, 2 pieces of trim molding, finishing nails, wood fill, and wood glue.  I started by removing the drawers and hardware, then gave it a good cleaning to get rid of all the dust and cobwebs.  I decided to repair a few holes and some of the “chips” along the bottom of the dresser. 

I covered the chipped area with a piece of trim molding:

I continued with the Zinsser primer using the brush around the trim/detail parts and the roller on the flat surfaces.  I gave this 3 good coats of primer:

Then I topped that with 3 coats and some touch ups with our blue paint.  This was another one of our lucky “quick picks” in the paint aisle.  We wanted bright to go with the baby quilt we made and the other decorations for the room (you can see the whole room here on Kelly’s blog: Barbericwife), and chose this color after a quick 5 minute scan of a few paint chips.  Turned out pretty good.

Here is how the trim molding repair looked at the end:

And the final project complete with new knobs, and spray painted handles:

We think they turned out well.  Not too hard either as long as you are able to be patient and take the time to let the paints dry between coats and then let them sit to cure before putting them to use.

I’ve enjoyed working on these projects, and learned some things along the way that I will do differently the next time around!  We are excited for our little man’s arrival, and feel like we are as “ready” as we can be!


4 Responses to “Getting ready for Baby: A high chair and a dresser”
  1. Both turned out really color and look great!!

  2. Fran says:

    I can’t believe it is almost time…wow. These look great!! Praying you you all!

  3. love the color! xxx Kristin

  4. Leslie says:

    LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    the colors are great.

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