Dresser project.

So in my last post, I eluded to the fact that I was refinishing an old dresser that I’ve had since I was a kid for our guestroom.

Here was a before:

It is a pretty solid piece of furniture, but looked “old” and rough.  It had old brass knobs on it, and needed to be freshened up some.  So, we talked about painting it white to go in the guestroom … This was my first attempt (besides the small chair) of painting a piece of furniture like this, and it was a more involved process than I had imagined.  I’m a results person, and I love to see the results QUICKLY … not on this project.  I researched a little on how to paint this type of veneered furniture, and the best suggestions I saw to get a nice glossy finish was spray paint.  First I did a light sanding all over the surface area that we were painting.  I did this because the original surface was very shiny and glossy, and roughing up the surface would allow the paint to adhere a little better.  Then I was ready to paint, so We found a glossy white spray paint:

So, I set up a makeshift painting station in our garage … I underestimated the amount of “over-spray” and now have a few light white outlines on the floor of our garage… oops. You live and you learn I guess.  This was a multi-step process.  Again, I’m a quick results guy … I like doing a job and seeing it finished quickly, but this needs to be done slowly.  If you try to paint in this manner and get it to cover completely and solidly, you will end up with runny- drips of paint.  So, I did 3-4 light coats with the can about 6-8 inches away from the dresser, and constantly moving the can back and forth to cover the surface area.  You should let each coat dry 24-48 hours per the suggestion on the can of your paint.  So, 3-4 coats, and 3-4 days later we had our final project. Your end result will depend on the finish of your original dresser.  I don’t have close up pictures, but some of the original grain of the dresser is still visible through the paint, and some of the old knicks and cracks in the dresser are a little more pronounced with the white finish. Over all I think it turned out great.  So we painted and added new plain wood drawer pulls and it was ready for the guestroom:

This was the finished bed area for the guestroom, which now has our first long-term guest in it.  One of our students from the BSU is getting married in August, and her fiance is someone that Kelly and I both new already.  He has moved to Cape to begin to search for jobs and apartments, and in the meantime Kelly and I are happy to give Austin a place to stay while he finds work and saves up some money before the big day comes in August.  Here’s what it looked like before he got to move in … We didn’t get the curtains up in time, but maybe that’ll come soon.

Re-doing that room meant that we had to find somewhere to put all of our crafting/sewing stuff … I think we’d still like to find a better/nicer looking organization option, but in the meantime, we’ve found a use for the empty “hall” space upstairs:

Now we are on to the next project, which for us is the nursery!  We found out last week that our little nugget is a BOY, so Kelly has been in full research mode for baby boy room ideas.  I think we’ve got a pretty good start on ideas, and we’ll see how that comes along in the weeks and months to come before Baby Boy Barb makes his arrival in August.



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