It’s a …. BABY!

Well, by now if you know Kelly and I you know that we are expecting our firsts baby!!

We had our first ultrasound yesterday and are 12 weeks and 2 days so far.  It’s been a little torturous not being able to just tell everyone, but we are SO excited and blessed that the Lord is entrusting us with a little life! It has been amazing to read through all the little tid-bits that Kelly gets or in the books we have about how big our baby is each week, and “watching” things develop … like when it said that our baby already had fingers several weeks ago, that it had eyelids … so crazy to think about, but an amazing reminder of the God who ‘knits us together in our mother’s wombs”.

So, I thought I’d take a few posts and give all of the baby/pregnancy stuff a little attention from the daddy’s perspective.  Here’s the initial info from my side (you can check out my wife’s blog for her first post about Baby Barb):

So, back when we were married we had quasi-decided that we would wait a year before we even started trying to have kids … we know some people who were saying that they didn’t want to wait at all, and others who waited 5 or more years before they began trying, and we felt like a year was a good time for us.  So, we decided that Kelly would come off of birth-control in November, and we fully expected for it to take a while.  We both have several good friends who have had complications conceiving and others that it just took them a while.  In our minds, I think we both just thought that it would be that way for us … that we’d have to “work on it.”  About the middle of December I remember telling Kelly one day, “I think you are pregnant” … I had no reason to think this, other than, I just felt it.  Well, fast forward to December 19th Kelly took a pregnancy test (a cheap $2 one) and it came up “negative” although I think if I looked hard enough I could see the second line (maybe I was just wishing it there).  Then a few days later, we decided to take another one … and this one left no doubts, there were 2 lines!

I think when she showed me that test (even though I was the one who already thought she was preggers) I was shocked, and slapped my hands to my cheeks in surprise (think Home Alone here).

Because it was just a few days before Christmas, we decided we would tell our immediate families.  We wanted to be able to tell them in person, and this was going to be the only time that we had them all together for a while, so we went to the store and bought a couple of frames, and put a poem in them that read:

“We have no photo for this space

reserve 8 months for Baby Barb’s face”

It was funny with Kelly’s mom because Kelly’s brother and his wife are expecting in February and I think she initially thought it was a frame from us for THEIR baby … and then she read the rest.

I took video telling the family:
Telling my family:

It was SO much fun!

We are excited about all the things that are coming up for us in the next several months, and I look forward to sharing them with you as we go!

Here’s our first photos of Baby Barb:

Til next time,

E, K and Baby B


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