Thursday is for … thrifty crafters.

I guess I’ve always just been wired as a “creator.”  I love making things.  Taking random items and coming up with an entirely new object/product at the end. Not every craft project, painting or new meal turned out great … I’ve had my fair share of epic flops, but there is something about the process that energizes me.

This is one of the reasons I love music, cooking, painting … pretty much anything that allows me to have a creative outlet.  Well, since getting married and buying a home and all, Kelly and I have established this great partnership when it comes to giving me an outlet for creative things.  We’ll be in a store and she will see something that she likes … I’ll see what she’s looking at and in the back of my head I hear that little voice say “that wouldn’t be hard to make.”  So, I convince her to not spend the $$$ for it in the store, and give me a shot at making it myself.  I have to admit, not every attempt is a success, but I do enjoy the challenge.

Here’s our most recent attempt … We were in Pier One (one of Kelly’s favorites) last weekend and she saw a few tree paintings like this one:

They had them in different colors … the trees were all the same, but on different colored backgrounds.  She mentioned liking it, and that’s when the “I could do that voice” popped in my head.  So, we came home and I painted this:

Not bad.  The original was $29.99 and I made this one for about $10 after getting the canvas for 40% off at Hobby Lobby and buying a few new paint colors.

So, are you a see it in the store and buy it kind of person, or do you have a creative “I can do that” kind of attitude?


2 Responses to “Thursday is for … thrifty crafters.”
  1. Leslie says:

    That is very impressive!! Love it.

  2. Fran says:

    Wow – I am so impressed….Yeah we are definitely those kind of people….”We can do that”…some of it gets done and some not!!! Sometimes I have to be careful or Gary has it made before I even decide if I really like it!!!

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