Tuesday is for … teeth removal …

… or at least for me anyway.  Today I get my wisdom teeth taken out. Well, the last 3 of them anyway. The year I graduated from college in Springfield all but one had grown in just fine.  It was growing toward the front of my mouth and not up … so it would have continued to push my other teeth and my dentist said it needed to be taken out, and while we were there, he could just do the rest. However, as a freshly graduate collegian (I’m talking about within the week) I wasn’t in a financial place where I could afford to have all of them taken out, so I opted just for the one.  Now, the dentist says they need to come out, so here I am, 40 minutes away from having that done.  Not really gonna miss them much, or the food that gets stuck back there!

Anybody have any good and/or bad wisdom teeth stories?  By the time I’m able to check this again it’ll be over so I won’t have time to be scared or dissuaded.  I’ve told Kelly no video cameras … so that I don’t end up like one of these people:

This is a funny one too!:
Have a great day!  Here’s to the rest of mine



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