Wednesday is for … worship …

… Not that we only worship on Wednesday, it should be our lifestyle, BUT today I’m specifically thinking about worship music.  For about 7 1/2 years I was blessed to travel with some pretty incredible people as part of a ministry called “No Longer Quiet”.  We traveled and led worship at various events, camps and conferences.  When lives started changing for everyone, the Lord led us out of that ministry as He led us all to other endeavors.  Well, we’ve recently been asked to come lead worship for a Disciple Now at the end of January, and we are stoked to do it.  BUT, that means that we’ve got to brush up on our musical selection … long passed are the days of “Trading my Sorrows” “Mercy is falling” “Romans 16:19” …

So, I’ve been trying to come up with a handful of songs for us to lead as we usher students into the presence of the Almighty during the D-now weekend.  Man, there are some incredible lyrics out there right now, and some incredible truths to be sung.   Here are a few I’m praying through.  Any suggestions?


What worship songs are impacting you right now?

What are the lyrics that keep running through your head?

One Response to “Wednesday is for … worship …”
  1. Bobbie Underwood says:

    Forever Reign, The Stand, Day After Day (Kristian Stanfill), Glory to God Forever (Fee), One Thing Remains (Bethel Live), Here For You (Matt Redman), A Mighty Fortress (Christy Nockels), At Your Name (Phil Wickham), Before the Throne, Christ is Risen (Shane & Shane)…just to name a few 🙂

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