New year, new blog.

Well, I’m tossing around the idea of getting back into this blogging thing on a more consistent basis.  Along with that, I am playing around with some new templates too, so no promises about the “look” of things around here.

2011 was a great year.  My first full calendar year shared with my wife, Kelly.  We joined a church, ran a marathon together, bought our first home, ministered alongside one another on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University, made new friends, Kelly started working for CFA and a lot of other cool and exciting things are happening too.

Along with all of the good, the end of the year tends to get me thinking about all of the goals that I set for 2011 that maybe I came up a little short on … all of those pounds that I wanted to lose in 2011 … I lost, most, of them at some point in the year, but seem to have gained most of them back these last 2 weeks … other personal goals that I set for myself that, during the first months of the year, I make myself believe that “there is a lot of time left in the year for that” I now find myself at the end of the year and frustrated with myself that I didn’t follow through with …

So, with the new year, comes new dreams, new opportunities and a lot of new “firsts” that I’m ready to take on head-first.

What about you?  What are your goals for 2012?  What is your dream for the new year?  What new opportunities are before you this year?



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