Things I said I wasn’t going to do. . .

Well, I think we all have those things in life that we say we “aren’t going to do.”  They may be things that are detrimental to our physical, spiritual, emotional health … they may be things that we just would never consider.  For some people they are the adrenaline pumping things like skydiving, bungee jumping, white water rafting, etc. . . things they say, “I’ll never do that!”.

Well… this past November after running the Bass Pro Marathon in Springfield, MO I told my wife (then fiance) that if I pretended like I wanted to run another marathon next year to tell me no … I just said I wasn’t going to do it.  It was my second year in a row to do a marathon, and I thought that was enough for me … ahem.

Well, this Spring as we were talking, Kelly mentioned that running a marathon was something that she would be interested in attempting.  You can go HERE for some of her reasoning.  I knew this was a difficult task to undertake on your own, and we didn’t know any other runners in the Cape area at the time . . . SO I told her if she really wanted to attempt it that I would run with her.  We are registered to run in the St. Louis Rock N’ Roll marathon on October 23.

This brings me to the real reason behind this post.  Running this race has become something bigger than Kelly or I.  It is no longer about us … if we’ll finish in a certain time … if we’ll be able to run it all without walking … none of that matters to us anymore.  We are running with a purpose.  Last year I was able to partner with “I Run for Orphans” and “His Voice Global” to raise money for His Voice, a ministry of some good friends of mine.   This year, after deciding to run again, and realizing that His Voice is currently raising funds for their 4th orphanage, Kelly and I have decided to partner with these organizations again, this time raising the bar and deciding to take on the goal of raising $1800-$2000 which would either cover the cost of one room in the orphanage or for one student’s education, clothes, food, housing, and needs at the orphanage.

We have optimistic plans of keeping you updated with some video posts during our training, and keeping you up to date with our fundraising goal.   We’ve set up a giving page to make it easy for you to partner with us.  Please check it out here and at least read about His Voice and the work they are doing.

Click on the His Voice Logo below to see a video about some of the ministry to orphans in Southern Sudan:

Would you consider giving … not to Kelly and I … but to these precious little lives who need the love, support and encouragement that they will receive through His Voice?


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