Thoughts from Canada… too close or too far?

So this week Kelly and I are on a mission trip to Vancouver with 4 of our BSU students and a couple of men from the church we attend. We have had a great few days meeting with our church planter that is here in Vancouver and hearing about his heart for the city and for ministry, specifically among collegians. One of the big purposes for us coming on this trip was to have a focus on the collegiate side of things, and help him with some groundwork for starting up their campus ministry, “The Red Couch”, on 2-3 different campuses.
Today we had the opportunity to meet with a student from one of those campuses and hear a little bit about his heart, his background and the spiritual climate of the university. . . Daniel was a really bright young man, and seemed to be well grounded in his beliefs.
Something he said today has stuck with me since:
“Some Christians are so ingrained in the world that they aren’t making a gospel difference, and some Christians are so far from the world that they aren’t making a gospel difference.”
It was a challenging thought…

So, just a thought, what is your balance of being “in, but not of, the world.” How does this look in your life? Any thoughts?


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