It’s a New Year!

Well, it’s been ages since I’ve REALLY posted on here, and I make no promises that I can keep up with this on a very regular basis.  SO much has happened in the last year, there is no good way to try to summarize it all, so I’ll hit the highlights:

In May I completed my first school year as the Director of the BSU at Southeast Missouri State University.  I love the students and God continues to teach me much!

In June, I got engaged to Kelly Ann King!

In August I started year 2 at the BSU.

On November 7 I turned 32 and also completed my 2nd full marathon.

On November 27 I married my best friend!

On November 30, we left for a week in paradise … Kauai.

December was busy!  We came back and finished the semester out with Finals week activities with the students, traveled back and forth from Jefferson City, Rolla, Springfield and Green Ridge.  We managed to spend time over the holidays with both of our families and some really great friends as well!

January is starting out with a bang as well.  After spending the New Year’s weekend with some great friends in Springfield, Kelly and I are back in Cape preparing for another adventure.  We leave on Thursday morning for a week long mission trip to Vancouver with four of our students.  We are going to assist a church planter there with some collegiate work that he has started on several campuses in the Vancouver area.  Excited for this trip, and to see what God is doing there!

So, there is a brief update, again, I make no promises that this will last, but we’ll see. Kelly and I have sat down and made goals for 2011, and although blogging more consistently wasn’t one of mine, maybe it will happen.  … maybe I will blog about my goals … maybe. 🙂

You should check out my wife’s blog too!  She’s great!




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