good-bye 30 …

Well, another year has come and gone … and I must say that with all the hype about turning 30, and a bunch of people who said I should dread it … It has actually been one of the best years of my life!

There has been so much change this year. Some of the major headlines of my year: No Shave November (okay maybe not a major headline, but fun nonetheless), AFRICA, leaving a church position, making some unbelievable new friends, being challenged in new ways, summer in Jeff City, taking a new job – and being stretched by it every day, I trained for and ran in and finished the Chicago Marathon, and I experienced support and love of friends and family unlike many people ever have the fortune of experiencing.

Thank-you 30 for proving all those nay-sayers wrong!  Bring on 31!

Here are some photos to go with the highlights:

The beard:

Photo 22



Jeff City Friends:


New job:IMG_2752




sorry it’s sideways…





Hope your year is great!


One Response to “good-bye 30 …”
  1. bobbie baysinger says:

    wow, you really have had quite the year…God is good 🙂 and happy, happy birthday!

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