Fall Break…

I don’t remember getting a “Fall  Break”  when I was in college.  Usually we were lucky to get an extra day at Thanksgiving … BUT SEMO gets a Fall Break AND 3 days at Thanksgiving!

So, this past Wed. – Sun. was Fall Break and we took a group of students on Fall Break Mission Trip to Cornerstone Farms in St. Jacob, IL to help out my friends David and Cortland.  They are a great family who run a horse ranch just outside of St. Louis with a missional goal.  They look to be the hands and feet of Christ through their lives and through the avenues that are available to them through running the horse ranch, riding school and non-for-profit therapeutic riding club.  We were unable to do a few of the things we had originally planned on due to weather, but we had a great time on the farm and I feel like we were able to accomplish a good amount of work while we were there.

We were able to work with a group of special needs adults who come out to the farm on a work program and got to be part of a therapeutic ride with them one day, helped to prepare for a large horse show that was supposed to happen on Saturday (which didn’t because of weather) and then helped to winterize a barn after our original plans were thwarted due to poor weather!  It was a great time to develop community with the group that we had there, and I was very excited for our group to get to know David and Cortland and their family, to hear their story of faithfulness to the Lord in their lives, marriage and their experiences on the mission field in Russia, the Middle East and St. Jacob, IL!

Here are a few pictures from the trip…

Jennifer getting ready to lead Paul on a Therapeutic ride:


LeAnn, Michael and Matt working on winterizing one of the barns:


Our group picture on the farm … horse barns in the background (of course it would be sunny on the day we leave):


Working on Thanksgiving and Finals week events now, and before you know it Spring Break Mission Trip plans will have to be finalized!

… because of Christ …



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