mentors of faith

I’m meeting a lot of people this summer who are quickly becoming mentors in the faith. Our team is getting the incredible opportunity to sit with and visit with some really great guys who are working in ministry in different areas of the Missouri Baptist Convention. So far I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with 3 guys that work in collegiate ministry in different parts of the state Gene Austin who works on the campus of Truman State, Randy Dudik who works at Missouri S & T in Rolla and Bill Victor is a regional collegiate ministry coordinator. All are men that I worked on a team with during our two weeks of Super summer, they are great men, and I’ve learned a great deal from them.
Also throughout the summer we’ll be spending days in the office with men who will come talk/teach about different things (the above men included). This week Gene came and talked with us about strengths, gifts, and leadership. It was great. It’s always crazy to me to take those sort of tests that consist of like 20 questions and then get a 25 page report back that explains me and my personality to a “T”!

The last couple of days we’ve had the opportunity to spend some time with Rick Hedger who is the Partnership Missions Specialist for the MBC. I LOVE hearing his heart! I was so challenged by him in just the short amounts of time that we were able to spend with him. The way that I pray for missions will change after our time with him this morning. Another thing that I took away from today was that Rick calls the places we serve as missionaries, “appointments,” . . . “what’s your appointment?” We blur the line a lot of times by having people say that they are “called into full time missions” . . . we are ALL called to live a misisonal life. Sure, some people are called to do mission work full time in other parts of the world, but some are called to be missionaries in our public schools, some in their offices or factories, or in their classes, etc. Another thing that stuck out to me today was Rick said, “you are either a missionary, or a mission field.”

This weekend we’ll be traveling to the St. Louis area to spend some time with another convention worker and his family for the 4th of July. I’m really excited to be getting to learn from all of these men. The crazy part is that (in the words of Jeff Carson) most of what I’m learning is being “caught” rather than “taught.” You see I’m learning a lot, and being challenged and convicted more by just watching their lives than I am by hearing them teach. Sure, they are great teachers, but just seeing them live out their faith has been incredible

Anyway, had part of the afternoon off from the office and just finished up some reading, so I thought I’d jump on here and leave a post while I had the chance! Hope you are all doing great!


… another quote from this summer “a ‘radical Christian’ is likely someone who just loves Jesus a little more than you”
things that make you go hmmmm.


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