life in community …

Well, it’s becoming increasingly evident that I’m not going to have a lot of “down time” this summer. I expected as much, but have come to learn it as reality over the last few days.
Our time this week has been spent primarily in the Student Ministry Offices of the Missouri Baptist Convention preparing for Super Summer, last minute details like getting room assignments squared away for all of the participants, putting together their packets of information, making phone calls to churches and youth pastors to follow up on different things. It’s been busy, but actually quite enjoyable.
The evenings are great! They look a little different, and I’m sure a lot of people would think that we were crazy to live like this, but it’s going to be an amazing summer. I’m living in a house with 11 people. Myself and three other male, college aged interns or employees of the MBC. 5 female interns or MBC employees. And our gracious hosts for the summer Matt and Julie. Each evening we sit down as a family for a home cooked meal around the dinner table, enjoy a walk in the neighborhood or a little down time before meeting together for a devotional or a discussion on a book, the Master Plan of Evangelism(I’ve read it before, its definitely worth the time), that we’re walking through together this summer. The only way to describe what we’re doing is just to say that we’re “doing life together.” We all have the common goal of growing closer to, and serving God this summer, and as we do that, we’ll work together, eat together, live together, laugh together, cry together, and be there for one another. What an awesome opportunity to get to share my life with these young men. I often feel like I don’t have a lot to offer in the way of wisdom or advice or anything, but I know that God has me here for a reason, and I hope that there is something that I can contribute that will be of value to these people that I am sharing my life with for the summer.
God is working in me in big ways, I know He is. We were challenged today to write down our expectations of the summer, and the first thing that came out on my piece of paper was: “I expect my life to change drastically”
I think it is.
I’m excited for that, scared for that, but looking with anticipation for what God is doing and will continue to do this summer.

I’m not sure how often my schedule will permit me to write large updates, especially when we start our weeks of camp on Monday, but I’ll try to at least give brief posts as I’m able. I covet your prayers this summer for me and my team.


One Response to “life in community …”
  1. Leslie says:

    Sounds like a busy and fulfilling summer. We’ll be praying for you and will miss seeing you.

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