It’s mothers day, and I thought a lot about what to get my mom … few things could ever be purchased that could really live up to the way that I feel about my mom, or provide the right amount of sentiment to get across the message of “I love you.” Although I do have a gift for her when I see her next weekend, I thought I’d write something to let her know what she means to me (because I know you read this “blog thing” every once in awhile!)

I was looking at cards the other day trying to find the right one that would have a balance of humor and sincerity without getting too mushy, but still nothing seemed like just the right one, so I’m going to attempt to put thoughts this mother’s day to “paper.” To truly express in words everything that you mean to me would be like trying to fill the grand canyon with sand one grain at a time, or fitting the ocean into a cup.

I am who I am today because of the way that you and dad raised me. I couldn’t imagine (and never want to) having it any other way. You’ve taught me everything about life from the simple things like tying my shoes to the more complex things like being able to love myself. I’m happy with myself today because of the love and support and encouragement you’ve always given me. You’ve always trusted my opinion and had an open mind to what I have to say, not many parents today have that respect for kids. You’ve always listened to me and allowed me to make my own mistakes. I’m sure there have been times when you’ve watched me walk into situations that you thought might hurt, but the thing that lets me know how much you care is that you let me go into them. Had I been totally sheltered from life I’d never learn, and when life pushed me around you ALWAYS gave me your shoulder and ear, and the strength to push back. I’ve always pulled through.

… I remember every time your neck turned red and blotchy when I was performing at a concert or singing at church and the look of pride I’d see in your eyes.

… I’m thankful for the way you have encouraged and supported me throughout the years in ventures that maybe didn’t seem responsible at the time.

… I’m grateful that you’ve been my mom, and become my friend.

… I remember the way that you came to every game … and kept score on your little yellow legal pad.

… You were there every time I came home from a contest to ask how it had gone and were excited for me when I’d succeeded and encouraged me for “next time” when I hadn’t.

… When I stopped to think about growing up, I realized how much I you really did. With Chris and I both involved in everything, it was more than a full time job to get us to practices, games, work your work day, get dinner ready, clean up after us … the list goes on and on. You are a super hero.

… I have fond memories of summer vacations at the lake, trips across country, and family get-togethers.

… Thanks for bringing me lemonade on hot summer days when I was mowing.

… Thanks for telling me I looked handsome.

… Thanks for praying me through ministry opportunities, trips, summer missions placements…

Mom, I regret that I have wasted so many years in not loving and appreciating you and Dad in the way that the two of you deserve. But I want you to know that the things that you tried to instill in me were not wasted. I look forward to instilling them in my children, and leaving them the kind of example you’ve left for me.

I cannot express in words what you give to me without even knowing it. You are doing an amazing job being my mother, and I don’t think I tell you enough.

So today is one day a year set aside for you to be spoiled, one itsy bitsy, single, solitary day to focus on you rather than everyone else, when you’ve given every day of your life for the past 30 years to me.

So, happy mothers day mom.

I love you every day of the year.
Your son,



2 Responses to “mom.”
  1. bobbie says:

    this was awesome 🙂 my mom’s neck didn’t turn red and blotchy…she paced…back and forth, back and forth, especially at all ball games…between 4 kids, I bet she’s walked hundreds of miles pacing back and forth behind the bleachers. 🙂

  2. Fran says:

    Your best post to date!!!!!!!

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