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I’ve been reading in the Gospel of John during my quiet times this week. I love going back through the gospels and picking up on things that I’ve seemingly looked over previously.
The other day as I was reading I caught this little bit of info:
John 1:35-42
First off … John the Baptist was chillin’ with some of his disciples when he said “Look, the Lamb of God!” When his (John’s) disciples heard those words they up and followed Jesus … just at the announcement of who He was.
Man! Sometimes I wish it was like that for me. Instead, I stop and think “is this REALLY God?” I’ll analyze and re-analyze and OVER-analyze a situation. These disciples didn’t ask questions, they just followed.
Verse 39 says they spent the day with him, it was about the 10th hour. I’m not a Bible scholar, so I’m not sure exactly HOW LONG they had been with Him, but less than 24 hours I’m guessing. Then in verse 40-42 it says that the FIRST THING Andrew did was to find his brother, tell him they had found the Messiah, and BROUGHT HIM TO JESUS!
Gosh, this really spoke to and convicted me. What a great picture of evangelism. Andrew saw the Lord, was convinced about who He was, and immediately went to his brother with the intention of taking him to Christ. Now, I realize that only through the drawing of the Holy Spirit do people come to Christ, but am I doing my part by bringing them to Him? Have I lost the zeal/passion/excitement that I once had about who He is, and what He has done for my life?
Just thinking about this and trying to see the way Jesus started His ministry with the disciples … I’m noticing that Jesus asked his disciples to follow him … He didn’t ask them to learn about Him or anything, the knowledge of Jesus wasn’t communicated through lessons, or laws, or religious dogma … it was communicated through the living personality of One who walked with them.
I wonder if sometimes I focus to much on the “teaching/learning/knowledge” aspect of discipleship instead of just walking as Christ did and letting all of that other stuff come…?

Just thoughts I was having this afternoon…


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