Weekend… Live Love


Had a great weekend with my NLQ family. We led a retreat for the First Baptist Church of Sedalia youth group at a retreat center on the Lake of the Ozarks. It was a fun group of students, and we had a good time talking with them about Love and challenging them to “Live Love.”
Yesterday afternoon we headed from the retreat down to my friend Jared’s church in Tiff City, MO. They were having an annual FCA Day (Fellowship of Christian Athletes). There were a ton of students there. It seemed like a really neat event. They had been competing in a tournament all day with all sorts of events: softball, volleyball, tug-of-war, dodge ball, etc. We were leading worship for the service to cap off the evening. Worship went great, led a great new song with my good friend Bobbie. I love singing and leading with her … it’s hard to sound bad when you sing with someone as good as her! Then my friend Jared, who is the Pastor of Buffalo Creek Baptist Church there, did a GREAT job communicating a message to challenge and encourage us all from 1 Corinthians 9. Using a sports analogy to connect with the students Jared clearly communicated our opportunity and responsibility to run the race that God has put before us.

I’ve really been personally challenged lately with some things in my life. God seems to be doing something … calling me to some changes, etc. I guess this is where the rubber meets the road. Just like I talked with the students about this weekend, I need to start showing my love/respect for God by doing what He is calling me to. 1 John 5:3 “This is love for God: to obey his commands…” Easy to read, but somehow I find it is often difficult to make the changes in my life. I get so used to doing things the way I always have, etc. But, change is good … and obedience is even better. Time to stop saying the I love God and start living it.


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