Repentance …

… what does that mean …

Something I’ve been wrestling with the last week or so.  Any thoughts?


5 Responses to “Repentance …”
  1. Fran says:

    To me it has always been a turning away and a turning to… A turning away from sin, and a turning to God. We cannot be where we need to be in our relationship with God if there are those things in our life that we need to ask forgiveness for and turn from. Repentance draws us closer to God – so we become closer to God as we turn those things over to Him. . We have to be willing to give up whatever is calling us to repentance and have more of the mind of God. Does that make sense?? I was surprised the feelings that came up when I began to think about this. Conviction?? There are definitely some things that I need to totally release. Funny how easy it is to say I am moving on – but when I really start to think about something like this, I realize how much I am holding on to. I think you and Daniel should leave me alone…..okay – just kiddin’…..

    • ericbarb says:

      Thanks for the thoughts Fran. I’ve been struggling with this for a while now and really wanted to get some input. I’ve always known the “definition” of repentance, and have likely taught it several times, but as I look at my own life I sometimes wonder where true repentance has occured and where it hasn’t. Thanks for you thoughts. . . .and we’re not leaving you alone any time soon!

  2. bobbie says:

    it’s funny you asked this because I just read some good stuff in a book I just finished that my church has read through (called Search & Rescue)….it pointed out that when God’s Kingdom was announced in the NT there was always a common response: repentance and belief…this is what John called for in Matthew 3:2 and it was also what Jesus compelled people to do when the Kingdom had arrived (Matt. 4:17). It said that just like two sides of a coin can’t be separated, repent and belive go together and cannot be separated. I’ve always seen repentance as turning away from the path that I’ve been following and turning to the new path of Jesus’ Kingdom which is where belief comes into play. When I first come to know Christ, it required repentance and then belief…and I feel that’s always the case even as a believer…turning from the path that can sometimes feel more comfortable always requires some measure of belief that God’s way truly is better. And it has to be one move…away from the old and to the new. If I’m truly repentant from the old, I can’t drag my feet on my way to the new path, it needs to be one movement. Sometimes I feel like I want to pursue the things of the Lord yet I don’t really find it convenient to switch paths…but then I read Luke 3:8 where John the Baptist said to “bear fruits in keeping with repentance.” If I just want to listen to God’s commands without having any intention of changing (repentance), then I might as well forget about it….just some thoughts…see you in Greenfield…:)

    • ericbarb says:

      Appreciate the input Bobbie. I need to get that book . . . I thought that when I heard Briz talk about it, and then I saw it at Earl’s last week . . . just haven’t gone to get it yet. I really like the “one movement” concept . . . I think that may be where I get caught up with some aspects of my life . . . I feel like I repent, and then drag my heels and in the meantime I’m not making that complete turn around and it becomes so much easier to slip back into the old path. Great thought. See you in Greenfield too!

  3. Fran says:

    Eric – I have thought about this over the last few days. I think as I society we have come to gloss over our wrongs. Even with children we teach them to say “sorry” but not really what that means. It is to easy to just go on with things the way they were. So there is really no turning from the wrongs. We sometimes treat God the same way – we ask for forgiveness – to be covered – not with a real heart attitude of wanting to change anything. I totally get what you are saying – it is to easy to go back to the “old path”. I like the idea of “one movement” – we don’t really treat repentance like that. It has always been a two part thing. So at least we get part of it right – or do we????

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