Africa Journal: Day 12 – January 7, 2009

From my journal:

” … we’re on the back end of this trip, and it is a weird feeling … not wanting to leave this place, these beautiful people, but getting tired and worn out from the drastic change in culture and speed of life here.  I met with my prayer partners today and shared with them my desire for our team to be part of something on this trip that we can look back on and say that only God did that … we prayed for a morale boost for the team for tomorrow, which is our last full day of ministry in Africa.  I can’t believe it’s almost over.

We didn’t get to do the community health class today because the doctor had to be away, so we’re planning on it for tomorrow.  Because we didn’t do the clinic, we went to a lake that was about 40 minutes away for an extended time of prayer, rest, lunch, etc.  While we were there Randy led us in a time of prayer and really asked us to seek God’s wisdom for where we were supposed to minister tomorrow … there is a village, Cocolo,  that they tried to show the Jesus film to on a previous trip that wasn’t willing to let them show it … and there was a village who wanted to have the film shown, but couldn’t because of a festival in the village that evening.  So, with only one more opportunity to show the Jesus film tomorrow, Randy wanted us to pray for where God was leading us, and ask Him to bring us all to agreement on that.   After spending time in prayer alone and together as a team, we agreed that we needed to stop in Cocolo on the way back to Bangassi from the lake, and greet the chief, and just let them know we were praying for them, but that we would go back to the village, Maurena, that wanted to see the film for tomorrow night.

God I pray that you would help me to never forget this place or these people.  Cause me to never quit praying for their salvation, and for You to reveal Yourself to them.  God use tomorrow to reap a harvest for You in Bangassi and Maurena…”

We had a morning full of ministry in Bangassi . . . more visiting people in their courtyards, having tea, soccer “clinics”, games with kids, helping build water filtration systems, and prayer walking.

I’ve noticed that I haven’t written much about the water filtration projects … more than likely because that wasn’t something that I was personally involved with, but it was a big part of the compassion ministry we had in Africa.  It teamed with the community health clinic that we ran, which taught about the dangers of drinking dirty water, and taught how to make sure that you were drinking clean water.  The filter project was mainly headed up by a couple of Malian nationals that came with us from the Capitol.  “General” Madu played a big part in this ministry.  In each village they took a group of men and taught them to build water filters in barrels and using other resources that were easily obtainable for them … all of the resources we used to show them actually were purchased in Bamako before we left for the bush.  Anyhow, Madu and his team taught these men in the villages to build and maintain these filters with the hopes that they could then teach others in the village to do the same thing.   During one of their times together, they were trying to get the men to realize that their water was dirty, so they went to the well and put the well water through the bio/sand filter, and you could see bugs crawling up the side of the filter … this surprised the men, and their reaction, although shocked, was a good one because now hopefully they will see the need to filter their water.  One of the worries is that they have lived so long doing things the way they always have, that they won’t actually follow through with learning and applying something new.

It was a good day at the lake.  We found some shade and just took some time to pray and reflect and relax.  Our prayer time together was really cool, it was neat to see how God brought all of us together with the same mind about what we should do in regards to showing the Jesus Film the following night … and boy what a story that is … stay tuned to hear that tomorrow. When we got back to Bangassi, we busted out the guitar and had a time of celebration for what God has done here so far, had dinner, chili … which didn’t settle well for me, and off to bed fairly early for me.

This has been such a growing journey for me … to go back through this and to recall what God was doing, and to see how he was working when I was oblivious to it at the time.  I hope it has been at least somewhat encouraging to those of you who are following along. Until tomorrow…


Some photos of the water filter projects:

Preparing barrels: Madu: bent over in sweater, Lamine (our driver) squatting at barrel



“General” Madu:


The lake and celebration time in Bangassi:

img_0887lunch at the lake:

img_0899Singing songs in Bangassi:



2 Responses to “Africa Journal: Day 12 – January 7, 2009”
  1. bobbie says:

    i am LOVING reading through your journey…so good of God to let you be a direct part in His ministry in Africa…:)

  2. Fran says:

    Thanks so much for taking us there with you on this “return trip”..

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