Africa Journal: Day 11 – January 6, 2009

From my journal:

*note … one of these excerpts is from my quiet time in the morning, and one is from a writing a did during the showing of the Jesus Film*

“…I’m led to pray for healing today.  Father, should there be someone with an illness or disease that needs healing Lord, do not allow us to be fearful of praying with faith and expectancy that You are the God that does ALL things.  Father, in the powerful name of Jesus, whose blood has covered me and my sins, I bind satan and his demons from any work in the hearts minds or lives of our team today.  He has no authority over us, because You have already won the victory.  I trust in You, give us boldness and authority as we pray and serve You today…”

Later that evening (at the showing of the Jesus Film in Bangassi):

” … at the Jesus film tonight and there is a huge crowd! Praise God.  Tonight God, bring revival to the village of Bangassi.  Father make these people shout Your name in praise as they go back to their homes tonight, because You are worthy.

Father I pray tonight for Elephe, Quaraton, and Harajada.  You know who they are!!  LOL.  Bring them Your salvation.  Stir in their hearts as they see the images and s they hear the truth about who You are.

God bring glory to Your name.  I pray for the young lady who came to have her hand worked on today.  She promised to come to the film tonight, and as she watches tonight, help her to KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt that You can, not only heal her hand, but You can save her heart and soul too!

God I know You restored the withered hand, made the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear, the mute speak, and raised the dead!  Tonight, in faith, I pray You would heal that young lady’s hand.  Take the infection away, reduce the swelling, cause the sores to disappear, leave her with no pain, and full usage of her had, in Jesus name, and for nothing other than for His glory!”

Did you catch it?  I didn’t until I was going back through this journal.  This particular morning, for whatever reason, I was prompted to pray for healing . . . and for power and authority and boldness to pray for healing for those who needed it … later that day, Mariam (the lady with the infected hand) came into our camp.  I had been reading through some of the gospel accounts during my morning quiet times, and had been reading stories of healing, in addition, I had been talking with my 2 prayer partners about praying in faith, and not shying away from praying those bold prayers … then this morning, seemingly out of the blue, I write this in my journal.  I don’t believe in coincidence, and think that God was at work.  It’s so funny how I didn’t make the connection from my mornings prayers that day to Mariam coming into camp that afternoon until I just re-read the account.

Aaron, one of our team members happened to be an ER nurse, and had brought some supplies that had been donated for our trip . . . he did a great job working with Mariam.  He said that the infection had likely started as a skin rash and had spread so severely, that in his opinion if she hadn’t been treated, the infection would have gotten so bad that she would have, in a short amount of time lot her had, and perhaps her life.  After cleaning the wounds, and giving some medicines he explained that she needed to clean it three times a day and change the wrappings . . . and in addition the wrappings needed to be boiled in water and then dried again before using.  The great thing is that for the next few days while we were there, I would see Mariam throughout the day, and her bandages were changed, she was doing it.  But, even more amazing than the fact that she was doing what Aaron had suggested, she came back the next day to have him look at it again . . . and in Aaron’s words “even if she had been in America and received the best treatment possible, there is no way that her had should look this good after what it looked like yesterday.”  Thank you Jesus … does the story get even better?  Yes, Mariam accepted the Lord!

What a great, great experience.  Mariam took a special place in all of our hearts during our stay in Bangassi.

Some of the pictures today will be of Mariams hand, so if you get queasy . . . you might move on! 🙂


Sunrise during a morning quiet time:


Mariam when she first came to have her had looked at:


Removing the bandages she came in:



Tracy loving on Mariam:


Aaron giving instructions on how to care for her hand:


Back for a check up on second day:



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