Africa Journal: Day 10 – January 5, 2009

From my journal:

“We’ve driven out of the village a small distance this morning to have some retreat from the hustle and bustle of  Bangassi, for some team time, but most importantly for some quiet time with the Lord

I’m reading/meditating on Romans 8:36-39 today and the thing that seems to come up to me the most right now is that nothing can separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Nothing … another part says “neither the present nor the future.”  I stress and worry so much about what is to come, that I lose the beauty of who God is in this moment.

I know the truth that nothing will separate me from Him or His love, but I pray my eyes, ears, mind and heart are opened to see that love, and that my hands and feet and voice will be used to BE that love.  God, take all of who I am, for all of who You are, that’s all I want …

… Praise the Lord, there is a new believer among the Fulanke today!  We’ve been praying for this and You are doing it!   Even as I’m writing this, another man has come into our courtyard to talk with the “Christians.”  God, I pray that if this is another seeker, that You would draw him to Yourself right now, redeem Your people!

*Two! … two new believers today! Praise Your Father!”

God is mighty to save!  There were no really appropriate words to describe what I was in the middle of experiencing on this particular day.  We were seeing God, and seeing the process of Him bringing the Fulanke to Himself!  There is a cool “back story” about the happenings of this day:

This was our first full day in Bangassi.  We had arrived the night before and only had time to set up a make-shift camp for the night.  Randy, our leader from Stonebridge had asked the chief if there was a place we could use to set up camp that would offer a little privacy, and they were going to check on the possibility of using the health clinic building (which was on the outskirts of the village and not close to anything) as a temporary housing site for us, but they wouldn’t be able to find out until the next day, so night one we just set up our beds in the Chief’s courtyard.

Day one in Bangassi, we didn’t have anything planned, we were going to use the day to familiarize ourselves with the village, and hopefully (in our minds) be able to move our camp from the current location, which was the commerce center of Bangassi, to a more secluded area.  However, this wasn’t happening.  We just weren’t hearing back from the people we were supposed to hear back from to see if we could used the clinic.  So, before sundown, we decided we would just make our camp here for the week, and that for some reason, God wanted us right where we were … enter “seeker #1”.  Literally, this man just walked into our camp and asked how he could know Jesus! … we hadn’t done ANY “ministry” yet! He became a believer!  Within the next hour … enter “seeker #2”, another believer!  God wanted us right there in the center of the village for these people!

What an amazing start to our time in Bangassi!

If you would, would you pray for those new believers in Bangassi … that God would continue to reveal Himself and His plan for their lives to them.


Other notable moments from the day:

We saw a pack of Baboons when we went for our quiet time/team time (or whatever you call a group of baboons):


I got to try to jam with some African musicians and dancers using the Cora, an African instrument:eric-cora1

Kristen, Jenna and I were invited by a village woman to visit the garden with her while she went to water:



Pastor Andre, the first national pastor from Sebekoro, came with us to Bangassi for the week of ministry there:


This is the boys camp in Bangassi:



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