Africa Journal: Day 7 – January 2, 2009

From my journal:

“Today we spent A LOT of time playing with and sharing with the children of Sebekoro … I played a lot of soccer today!  We also helped Bill and his family with another skit, this time it was the Good Samaritan.  It has been really cool to see how God is using everyone’s individual talents and abilities while we have been here, and on the flip side, it’s been cool to see God stretching each of us and forcing us out of our comfort zones too!

It’s been so neat to look over and see different people taking the initiative to share with a group of kids . . . Today I’ve seen 2 or 3 of our team sharing using the Evangecube or the soccer ball …

… another really cool thing that happened today was Pastor Andre got a motorcycle.  We gave some extra support money from our church and that money went to help Pastor Andre purchase a motorcycle.  Until this point their family did not have a vehicle of any sort, so any travel between villages to check in on/disciple believers had to be done via donkey cart or walking . . . this motorcycle will literally help to expedite the Gospel to the lost areas of Mali!  They were so proud of it!  I think I’ve seen 3-4 people trying to keep it clean today!”

We did a lot of the same type of ministry on this day as we had the day before.  While we were ministering with children and prayer walking the village Randy, the leader from Stonebridge, was leading a Discipleship Conference for Pastor Andre and the known believers from the area.  It was encouraging to see those believers show up early every morning, excited for and anticipating the teaching they would get that day.

I remember being so proud of everyone on our team, but especially Mark and Tracy.  I know how long we had prayed for this opportunity, and how many obstacles had to be jumped, but to see them really putting their whole lives into loving these people was a big encouragement for me.

I met my little buddy Madu on this day.  He became my right hand man for the rest of our time in Sebekoro … every time we would walk through the village or sit down for a little rest, he was right there at my side.

I miss the people.  Pray with me today for the people of Sebekoro, many of them still do not know Jesus as Lord and Savior.  Pray that He would continue to reveal Himself to them!


Pastor Andre’s new “moto”:


Me and my buddy Madu:img_0412

Tracy sharing with the Evangecube:



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