This weekend…


So, this past weekend I was in Columbus, GA at Morningside Baptist Church leading at their Disciple Now (d-now) weekend for the youth ministry there.  I’ve had the privilege to serve there during the d-now weekend for 3-4 years now with their youth pastor, Royce, who has become a good friend of No Longer Quiet ministries.

This weekend the speaker was Ronnie Hill, a full time evangelist from Texas.  Ronnie arrived and did assemblies at two of the area high schools in Columbus on Thursday, and invited all the students to a pre-weekend rally on Thursday night.  At the rally on Thursday night, 21 students gave their lives to Christ for the first time! What a great start to the weekend!!

He did a great job communicating with the students, and gave them one of the best lessons on sharing your faith, along with a simple example of one way to do that.   This was at our Friday evening service.  He taught the kids to share their testimony clearly and concisely in 3 minutes (well, that’s how long it should take to share your story, not how long it took him to teach them!).

Then on Saturday afternoon, all of the different groups were challenged to take the teaching and apply it in the city of Columbus.  So, during the afternoon, each group got to choose where they wanted to go to share their “3 minute stories.”  I was the leader for a group of 7th-8th grade boys.  Many of the boys were involved in rec-league baseball, and they chose to go to the rec fields and share their faith there.  While we were at the baseball fields, all but 2 of my boys approached people with the intention of sharing their faith in Jesus Christ.  I was SO proud of them.  We eventually decided to go to another location to share, and we chose the mall in Columbus.  While there, we were able to share our story with many other people … can you believe that in the span for 4 hours, our group talked to over 30 people, shared our stories with most of them, and my group of 7th-8th graders led 12 people to Christ!  When we returned to the church that evening, and all groups reported back from the afternoon, the approximately 70 students that were involved in the d-now weekend had been used by the Lord to lead 94 people to Christ!!!  In all my years of traveling in ministry, and attending evangelism camps, etc.  I’ve never seen students do anything like what these kids in Columbus did this weekend!

Cool story from my group.  Blake was one of my boys this weekend, and on Friday evening he accepted the Lord.  While we were talking about sharing your testimony and telling other people about what Jesus had done in your life, Blake realized that he didn’t have a testimony, and he came to the realization that he needed Jesus.  Then, fast-forward to Saturday afternoon when we were sharing our faith.  Blake was fearless and confident and bold with his new-found faith in Christ.  He shared with anyone that would listen, and a few people that I’m not sure wanted to!  Blake led 7 of those 12 people to Christ from our group!  I learned a lot from Blake this weekend!

Fast-forward again to Sunday morning when Ronnie was speaking in the main church services at Morningside.  I’m not sure what happened in the first service, but in the second service that the students were in, another 15-20 people responded to Christ for salvation … and several of them were baptized that morning!

What a great weekend!  I couldn’t not post something about it, giving God all honor and praise for the things that He did this weekend, and the amazing work He is doing in Columbus through a group of students who decided that it is “Not about mii” and it really is “All about Jesus.”


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  1. Kim says:

    Blake came with my son to dnow. He is truly a blessing but needs guidance and is not getting it. Please contact me at 706-257-xxxx if you get this message so we can talk. Thanks!

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