May I introduce you to…

… yourself?  To the person that I knew and created in womb when I set you apart? To the person whom I began a good work in and am faithful to carry it on to completion? These are the questions that I feel like God has been asking me over these last several weeks.  It’s crazy.  I’m thirty, and I think I’m just now finally beginning to skim the surface of understanding who I am, who God created me to be, and who I am in Him.

For a long time I’ve  been a prisoner to circumstances and to my perceptions of those circumstances, and that has left me handicapped/nearly paralyzed.  I’ve dealt with serious lack of self-confidence, shame, guilt, and a seemingly warped perception of myself.  For years I have had friends and acquaintances tell me that they “wish I could see what they see” in me . . . I suppose that is normal, and to be expected because they cannot see my thoughts, my fears, worries, or the parts of my mind, that I too, wish I couldn’t see but I do, but I believe God is beginning to break away the hard exterior that I have seemed to build up, or have let myself come to know as “normal.”

It is time for me to come to grips with my past, circumstances that I had and have no control over, and to understand that life is all part of this journey that God has us on to make us into the people that He created us to be for His glory . . . and that all of the things that I look back on with shame or guilt or anger, those are all things that God did to build my character and my strength, and although they have helped to form who I am, THEY ARE NOT WHO I AM!  I am a new creation.  Praise God!

As I pray through this in the coming days, weeks, months, years . . . I pray that I would never stop learning who God is molding me to be, and I ask you today:

Is God waiting to introduce you to the person He made you to be, and would you let Him?


One Response to “May I introduce you to…”
  1. Fran says:

    Great Post…

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