3 weeks…

In exactly 3 weeks from today I’ll be on a plane headed towards Africa.  Just typing that sentence, it is still hard for me to believe.  This has been a process that really has lasted a couple of years.

In 2007 I led a group of college aged students to Passion ’07 in Atlanta.  While we were there I felt a very strong call (as did several others on our trip) to go to Africa, at least on a short-term mission trip.  I had always had a heart for missions, although at that point hadn’t had very much experience with overseas opportunities.  So, we began to pray.  Praying that God would provide the right opportunity to open for us to go and be a part of the work that He is doing in Africa.  After nearly a year, we thought we had the right trip in mind, and we were making preparations to go.  However due to circumstances beyond our control, that trip needed to be cancelled, and our spirits were deflated a little.  The Lord in his infinite wisdom had another opportunity in mind for us … although our original group of 10 has dwindled down to 3 due to conflicting schedules and other unforeseen circumstances, we are headed to Mali, Africa in 3 weeks.

I couldn’t be more excited to be part of an opportunity to share Christ for the first time with an un-engaged people group. We have been meeting and training for a few months now in preparation for this trip, and through as much training as we’ve done, I still have no idea what is in store for us.  I’m trying to go into this trip with no pre-conceived notions, expectations, etc. other than knowing and trusting that God is going to do an amazing work in the lives of our team members and the lives of the Malian people that we come into contact with.

Please pray for us these next few weeks as we carry on life as normal, but add in all of the extras of the holidays and the final preparations for Africa. Pray that we stay healthy before, during and after our trip.  More importantly pray for the people of Mali.  That their hearts would be open and prepared to receive the Good News.

…wow, 21 days will be here before you know it …

One Response to “3 weeks…”
  1. d scott says:

    10 more days man! That is pretty frickin exciting! I’m praying for you and the team…

    Make sure and call me…. lol

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