Christmas giving…

This year my extended family decided to do something different than our normal “gift exchange.”  We decided to, instead of spending the $20 limit for our exchange gifts, we would pool that money and do something more meaningful with it.  So, we did that, and this last week at Thanksgiving we decided to take our pooled $320 and “purchase” the following items through an organization called Samaritan’s Purse (you may be familiar with this organization because of Operation Christmas Child Shoe-boxes). Our $320 paid for:

3 soccer balls for recreation

60 Gospel booklets for evangelism

Provided a weeks worth of milk and nutrition items

Provided a supply of emergency medicine

Provided a woman and her child the necessary prenatal and maternity care

Rescued a child from bondage and abuse

Stocked a fish pond


provided a dairy animal for a family.

We may never know where any of our gifts will end up, or who they will impact, but what a great opportunity/pleasure to give back a little bit of what God has given us.

Today, on 2 separate occasions I came across this statistic:  Americans spend an average of $450 BILLION dollars EVERY YEAR on Christmas.  450,000,000,000.   The next statistic says:  It is estimated that it would cost $11 Billion to make clean drinking water available to all human beings.

I guess, in my own little way, I’m trying to challenge you to see what you may be able to do this year instead of spending quite so much on yourselves, or your relatives for things that they don’t really need anyway.  Here are a couple videos from just 2 organizations that you could choose to help.

Samaritan’s Purse

Advent Conspiracy

What will you do?


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