I’m unsure what to think …

I mean we’ve been going through this for months now, this campaign, these candidates, it seems like I’ve been bombarded for at least a year with television ads, mailers, e-mails, conversations, etc.  Now it’s over, the election is over, we have a new president elect, and I find myself at a loss … I don’t know what to expect … I mean when I go home tonight and turn on my t.v. there will be NO POLITICAL ads!!!  woo hoo.

Regardless of who hoped would win, who you voted for, what your political stance is there is no greater time than now to rally around our elected leaders and support this amazing country that we are fortunate to call home. As an citizen, I as proud to be an American yesterday as I stepped into the voting room and exercised the privilege to cast my vote.  I was reminded of the amazing FREEDOM that we have as Americans to believe what we want, to say what we want and to cast a vote in the way that we want.

As a follower of Christ, I trust that God has complete control.  The outcome of the election may or may not have come as a surprise to you, but I guarantee that God was not caught off guard by the outcome at the polls.  God puts leaders in place for us to follow, but ultimately my hope is not placed in a governor, senator, congressman or a president.  “My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus blood and righteousness.”

Just some thoughts…

and a beard update:photo-131

2 Responses to “11-05-08”
  1. Kaye says:

    beard is looking “fierce”

  2. fran says:

    Actually – I think the beard “experiment” is going much better than Kris’s long hair experiment!!!

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