so this hair thing …

Since deciding to take part in this “No shave November” thing, I’ve become acutely aware of hair.  It is incredibly weird where that stuff grows on your body.  Take these for example…

Eyebrows … how weird when you stop to look at your face and you see these two patches of hair that just sprout and grow in the middle of all that skin …

And then as you are looking at your bushy eyebrows, you realize that there is hair sticking out from the end of your eyelids too … WEIRD.  These little guys just chillin’ there on your lids … not that we haven’t “noticed” them before, I mean there are entire empires built around trying to make those lashes look longer, curl more, “thicker, bolder, more beautiful” … but when you look at them, its just weird.  It’s kind of like when you say the same word over and over and over again, it tends to feel weird/lose it’s meaning.

And of course, well at least for me, the little puffs of hair on my fingers and toes . . .weird.

Anyway, as I was realizing that I’ve got another 30 days before I can shave again, I was noticing hair, and really how weird it is (anybody keeping tabs on how many times I’ve said “weird” in this post) I have nothing profound to say about this post, and I will stop it here, because, well that’s as far as we need to go with that ….

2 Responses to “so this hair thing …”
  1. fran says:

    I think we have totally underestimated the creepiness of this site!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Cara says:

    This post is cracking me up! And, after I made my comment about you starting early on “No Shave November”, I found out that Stacy told a guy at work he’s not going to shave again until Jan. 1! I guess he’s taking No Shave November to another level as well. 🙂

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