NLQ and some random thoughts…


I get to spend this weekend (Friday and Saturday) with some of my favorite people in the world.  No Longer Quiet.  For nearly 6 years I traveled as part of this ministry that sought to build relationships with students.  We would travel to lead worship at retreat weekends, camps, conferences, rallies, etc. all the while our focus was on pointing those students to Christ and encouraging their relationship with Him.

During that time I built relationships and friendships with my fellow members of No Longer Quiet that will last a lifetime.  Not only that, but we also built relationships with students that are continuing to grow, and those students are continuing to grow closer to the Lord.  As we grew older, and we started having other responsibilities in our lives, we’ve begun to pass the torch to a new generation and to equip and empower them in ministry.  I’m super pumped about the group that is now traveling as No Longer Quiet.  Several of these young people were students that we had at retreats and camps and have kept in touch with, and continued to encourage throughout the years, and now they are answering the call to share the love of Christ through this ministry that has meant so much to me.

Here is a picture of the NLQ THEN (minus the wives and Jared … I couldn’t find any better pictures on my computer) and a picture of the NLQ NOW (minus several of the new ‘now’ members) … so maybe these pictures aren’t a good representation … and maybe that means we need to take some this weekend!

Regardless, I consider it a privilege that I get to minister along side these people this weekend and to continue to develop these new friendships while we are pointing another new generation to Christ (maybe some future NLQ’ers?…)



Some Random Thoughts

What is the ultimate goal of Christianity?  What is the reason behind our existence?  Who is Christ, and what was the reason for Him to be here?  What is my role/responsibility in all of this?  Why did God create?

I think it all boils down to one word:  Glory

I believe the purpose behind everything is ultimately for the Glory of God.  The ultimate goal of Christianity, to me, based on my limited knowledge, is to give God glory, to use our lives to bring Him glory, that is why we exist.

Christ is the image of God in human form.  He is here and was sent for the glory of the Father, to live His life and ultimately to give His life for the glory of God, so that His name would be magnified, and lifted high.

My role in all of this?  To become more and more like Christ in my everyday life (its easy on Sundays). Becoming a “little Christ.”  In doing this, I need to understand and recognize that my ultimate responsibility is to five glory to God.

God is, does, created, gives, takes, loves, teaches, corrects … all for the glory.  For His glory.  To make His name famous.

Is. 26:8 “Yes Lord, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown (fame) are the desire of our hearts.”

How will you/have you give(n) Him glory today?


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