Super cool Sunday…

I took the month of October to volunteer in our All-Stars area (k-5th) as a teacher on Sunday mornings.  So, this month we’re talking about determination …. “deciding it’s worth it to finish what you’ve started”. Last week we talked about Paul, and how he had determination when following God was hard . . . today we talked about Noah and how God blessed him when he followed what God wanted even when other people didn’t … but really that’s besides the point…

So, I’ve still been leading worship on Sunday mornings (since our all-stars are in the sanctuary for worship time) and then heading back with the kids for class.  The last few Sundays we’ve been promoting a Baptism Sunday coming up.  Well, one of my all-stars mom’s stopped me this morning before class and said that her daughter, Peyton, was asking questions about baptism, but that she didn’t think Peyton was even a Christian yet.  So, after church I asked Peyton if she had questions about baptism, and she did (she thought that was how you asked God to forgive you), so I told her that it was a symbol that showed everyone else that you have already asked God to forgive you, asked Jesus into your heart, and that you were choosing to live your life for Him.  She said she hadn’t done that, so we talked about it a little, and I explained it the best that I could, and she got it … Peyton prayed to receive Christ today!  Awesome!  It was cool, because she SO understood it all.  It wasn’t just something that she was trying to do just to get baptized.  God is really cool, and we have a new sister-in-Christ!

SUPER cool Sunday.

4 Responses to “Super cool Sunday…”
  1. fran says:

    And that’s why we do Children’s Ministry!!

  2. bobbie says:

    yay for super cool sundays. 🙂 we played at the youth rally in stockton last night and 4 students prayed to receive Jesus….it was a super cool saturday. 🙂

  3. Cara says:

    Awesome! I have tears in my eyes reading this! So happy for Peyton.

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