Hang out this weekend …

A few weeks back I knocked around the idea of a college/career fellowship group with some people from church.  I have seen a somewhat steadily increasing number of singles in this age group coming to church, and no real connection point for them if they aren’t in one of our “regular” small groups.  SO, this weekend, we’re starting a College/Career Fellowship at our house on Sunday night!  I’m excited just to have a place where we can all get together to connect, establish relationships, and build community outside of seeing each other on Sunday morning!

This week (since it is fall, and the weather has been awesome…) I’m going to make chili (the one I entered in the chili cook-off last year but I didn’t win … boo) and my “famous” (at least by Ryan Davies standards) potato soup . . . my friend Anne is bringing bread, and Johanna is gonna make something for dessert (I’m sure it is gonna be killer.)

So yeah, I’m pumped about that starting up, and having an opportunity to connect with, and hopefully encourage that group of people, and I love having an excuse to make 2 of my favorite fall time foods.

Does the weather cause you to crave certain foods?  What are they?


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