Exciting times … :)

Here’s the story.  When my roommate (Kris) and I moved into our duplex, among other things, our landlord said “your all set up for cable.”  I initially assumed that he just meant that we were set up to get cable if we chose.  However, when we plugged the television in, we had cable, and so we thought maybe “set up for cable” meant that is was included … So we’ve been enjoying our free cable, that is until last Saturday.  Apparently we were just set up for cable, but weren’t supposed to still be getting what the previous tenants had signed up for!  So, after 2 months of free cable, they shut us down.  That’s the bad part.

Here’s the exciting part.  We got Dish Network installed today!   Is it bad that I’m getting so excited about this?  I’m sitting here watching the 2 guys work feverishly about the house hooking everything up, including the 2 room DVR!   I have to admit I’m pretty excited about the fact that after today, We’ll be able to record the television programs that we want to . . . and be able to watch them whenever we want to!  All the football games, reality TV, and food network you can imagine!  Ha!  So seriously, is it bad that I’m getting so excited about this?

So, what did you get excited about today?

5 Responses to “Exciting times … :)”
  1. i don’t think that it is bad to be excited about dish (that is a bias answer since i have enjoyed the luxuries of TiVo for a year now). i guess that means you won’t be coming over to watch reality t.v. anymore 😦

    i was really excited today about two things: i am going to be an uncle again and christen landed a job in republic…BIG!

  2. that ROCKS!

    i was excited about being an uncle again and christen landing a job in republic

  3. d scott says:

    i was excited to be home. out of the hell hole known as oklahoma!!!

  4. fran says:

    What????? Dish TV has other things on it besides ball games???? Me thinks Gary has been fibbing to me… I get excited about good chocolate and my granddaughter!!! If they are together that is even better. Oh.. and a really good book!!!

  5. Jill says:

    You can get excited about whatever you want!!! I was excited that someone brought Fire Twizzlers into work… pretty pathetic.
    I do enjoy our direcTv and tivo… since we’re hardly home when our shows come on!!! I LOVE HGTV!!!!

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