Lambert’s, lightsabers, and ice cream cake!

Yesterday was my nephew’s 8th birthday.  First off, I cannot believe the little guy is 8 years old.  Seems like not long ago, I was staying in Springfield because they were in labor … with video camera in hand waiting for the family’s first glimpse of him, while the rest of my college ministry left for a retreat … which I later drove to, and proudly showed the first footage of my new nephew … now he’s a second grader, driving around a new go-cart, stud soccer player, and super funny kid.

I got to hang out with them last night, and our evening consisted of:

Dinner at Lambert’s … stinker must have eaten like 4 rolls . . . no room for grilled cheese!

Putting togeter a “Make your own lightsaber” kit … not like this one that’s just for weirdos.

Ice Cream cake from Dairy Queen

and “Lego Star Wars” on the playstation.

I love that little guy!  Happy Birthday buddy!

What was your best/worst birthday as a child?

One Response to “Lambert’s, lightsabers, and ice cream cake!”
  1. Kaye says:

    My parents had saved up and bought our first COLORED tv close to my birthday and I was so excited that I told all my friends it was my birthday present. I felt “so cool”!.

    Wow! That really ages me, oops!

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