What are you reading?

So, I’ve finished a couple books lately, and am gearing up to start another.  Made me curious to see what you all are reading.  Mine have all been “churchy” books, but yours don’t have to be, just wanted to see what/who was being read out there.

My recent books:

Grace Walk by Steve McVey

A book you’ll actually read: On Church Leadership by Mark Driscoll

The Big Idea by Dave Ferguson

I’m getting ready to start :

UN Christian (what a new generation really thinks about Christianity) by David Kinnaman

So … what are you reading?  Or, what are some of your favorite reads?

3 Responses to “What are you reading?”
  1. d scott says:

    i guess me, schawo, charles and hayward are going to read “The Shack” my first fiction book in quite some time.

    do you read any fiction stuff?

  2. i am reading the autobiography of michael j. fox and his struggle with Parkinson’s disease…pretty cool story.

  3. fran says:

    Wellllll — at this very moment I am ready “The Queen’s Fool” by Philippa Gregory – a very non-churchy book!!! Just finished the four book series by Stephanie Meyers that is sweeping the country – got to keep myself relevant. Also reading Corinthians – about to start the second – and Job. Those are books – right???

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